Blackridge Series

Twisted Dares

About Twisted Dares

Born in blood and raised in sin.
Daughter to the most prolific serial killer in the United States.
Madness flows through my veins like a drug, pulling me deeper into the abyss.
I feel the mania slowly burning through my veins, the dark vices of my father corrupting my sanity.
How much longer until it consumes me completely?
It’s when I meet Caelian Morelli that everything changes.
A man whose darkness matches mine.
He lives for death. An assassin. A murderer.
Son of the Morelli mafia, there’s something about his devilish nature that draws me in.
He’s the match to my flame; possessive and vicious.
I tell myself we are an impossibility.
But it doesn’t stop me from walking straight into the fire.
Though, when my past becomes my present, my life hangs in the balance.
I’ve always believed I’d become the hunter, though in the end, will I become the hunted?

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Deceitful Truths

About Deceitful Truths

Kidnapped. Broken. Hopeless.
Confined into a dark, abandoned basement with nothing but the clothes on my back.
There's no escaping obsession, especially one honed by a serial killer who's bound and determined to call me his.
Every day grows more dire with death circulating my existence.
I believe all hope is lost until I'm saved by my own monster, the man who enslaves my soul.
His darkness is even more dangerous than my abductor's, his obsession even more deadly.
But my life is still at risk, and I find myself barely able to hold on to my sanity as danger once again looms in the distance, the walls closing in on me at every turn.
The mania I've attempted to keep hidden after all these years is cracking, shards of insanity splitting from my chest and falling to dust at my feet.
I have no choice but to stalk through the madness and hope I make it out alive.

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Violent Promises

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About Violent Promises

When one reckless decision and a possessive heart lead to an inescapable debt...

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d be at the mercy of a man who only wanted one thing, my death.

With each passing hour, my growing despair wars with my murderous blood.

Do I give in to the inevitability of life with the enemy, or do I allow the serial killer inside of me to come barreling to the surface?

I don’t want the man who keeps me locked away.

I want my monster, my darkness, my Caelian.

I long for his cruel eyes and bruising touch. The rage which consumes him calms the madness in me.

Without him, I feel as if the mania I’ve fought to control will ignite, devouring me entirely.

The day is nearing where I’ll be forced to choose, and at the end of it all, I wonder, will he be there to save me, or will I be on my own?

I cling to the hope that when the day comes, Caelian will be beside me.

But if not, I’m determined to make it out alive. There’s no alternative.

I am a Crow, after all.