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Wicked Little Sins

About Wicked Little Sins | Book 1

Welcome to Castle Pointe, where the dead never sleep.
What does it feel like to kiss death?
Being thrust into a town so sinister, corrupted by such malevolence, was never my intent.
It was foolish to play with the dead, but so was falling for my cruel, wicked stepbrother.
The fact he looked like a God didn’t matter, because I’m almost positive he was my very own devil.
His games were deadly, and he terrorized me at every turn.
Together we were toxic, but nothing could have stopped me from becoming captivated by his darkness. 
It may have been thoughtless to mess around with witchcraft, because I didn’t realize death would cling to me at every turn. 
I wouldn’t be able to escape it, no matter how desperately I tried.
I should have listened when they told me...
The dead never sleep in Castle Pointe.

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“Sexy, Sinister, and downright Sinful.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I think I knew going in that I would enjoy this book, but I turned the last page LOVING  it and ultimately wanting  MORE OF EVERYTHING!!!”

Amazon Reviewer

“This book, while steamy 🥵 in all the right ways, kept me intrigued more for the suspense.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Have you ever read a book that scared, literally scared you, like a scary movie would? I did, and it was Wicked Little Sins.”


When you spark a match in hell, will you burn?

Some wonder how deep the curse runs through Castle Pointe.

I never realized the malevolent roots are embedded into every fiber of this town.

A simple game turned into devastation, wreaking havoc upon us, spreading it’s wickedness through our veins.

Haunting us around every turn.

Death rises. Evil corrupts. Fear consumes us.

The only thing more frightening than death is my enemy.

Felix Port.

His sharp tongue tempts me, his rough touch consumes me.

He’s maddening and ruthless, and his games are dangerous.

Yet, as the horror of this eerie town becomes a weight on our shoulders, he’s the one I find solace in.

Until the moment history comes back to haunt us, and the truth comes to light.

Some secrets are better left buried with the dead.

Welcome back to Castle Pointe.

This isn’t the end, not even close.

This is only the beginning.

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Wicked Little Games

About Wicked Little Games | Book 2

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“This book was phenomenal! I couldn’t put this book down. The spice is this book.. hot damn!! 🌶.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“It was riveting, addicting and so damn amazing that I'm basically obsessed with them.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“I was highly anticipating reading Felix and Hazel’s story and it didn't disappoint, the push and pull, the love to hate you as these enemies went head to head on numerous occasions, the angst, and the feels were all on point as I fell down the rabbit hole of love.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“The twists the turns. You take a dive and plunge straight into darkness! The light at the end of the tunnel only to reveal another tunnel.
Absolutely amazing! I haven’t read a series like this one. Totally different and I am in love!!!!”


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