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Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

About WTMMTS | Standalone

Soul mates.
I met mine when I was seven.
Roman Hall.
I knew the moment my eyes landed on his that my life would change forever.
All it took was one glance at him and I could feel my heart intertwine with his.
It was hopeless to deny destiny.
Our love was an inevitability that all the power in the world couldn’t avoid.
It was fate.
But fate is cruel, and life had other plans.
I wish I would’ve known that our love was doomed from the start.
That the world would attempt to destroy us at every turn.
Our love should’ve been effortless, but it wasn’t.
Maybe we were never soul mates to begin with.
Maybe we were just,

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“Raw, heartbreakingly beautiful and tragic, angst and feels that went on for forever, Where the Mountains Meet The Sea had me from the very first page to the last.

Amazon Reviewer

“Make sure to grab some tissues, and read the trigger warning, but definitely worth every ugly tear cried! I am blown away with the pure emotion and talent in this book!

Amazon Reviewer

“Their story is all-consuming, bittersweet, and tragic, and the ending couldn’t have been more perfect for them. Every time I think about this couple, the feelings arise to the surface like I’ve just finished reading  the book minutes before instead of weeks.”

Amazon Reviewer

“I’ve never come across a book where love and passion is portrayed in such an uncontrollable and unconditional way.”


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