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About Bliss | Standalone

I move in with the Reid’s with a crack in my soul.
A fracture so deeply embedded in me that I can barely breathe.
Then I meet him, the boy that makes me feel like I can finally come up for air.
Life seems good, for the moment.
Until I meet the brother, the man that pulls me into the darkest waters.
My life gets submerged into a world of bliss and euphoria, a place I’ve never been before.
Then devastation crashes into my life like a wave.
The crack in my soul shatters.
And I drown.

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“Lord have mercy, this book was something else entirely! I laughed, I cried, I fell in love, I had my heart broken, I fell in love again and had my heart and soul repaired with what was quite possibly the most wholesome ending I have ever read.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Excellent read that deals with many deep issues and leaves you shattered at 
times. Just to put you back together again.”

Amazon Reviewer

“A.R. Breck is absolutely phenomenal with her writing style! This book held my attention from the beginning and really delved deep into the side of challenging life events that can be overcome and have a positive ending.”

Amazon Reviewer

“This book is definitely a rollercoaster of a ride but it's amazing. The characters are everything but the storyline is what makes this book the best one yet by this author.”
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