The Grove Series


When I saw those two lines on the stick, I thought my life was over.
Not just by anyone, but by the man I loathe.
The Mute.
I loved the baby more than my next breath, but I couldn’t keep it.
My life has always been vicious tilt-a-whirl of hardship, and I had nothing to offer.
Then disaster strikes, and clarity hits.
I want this baby.
Only it might be too late.

My life turned on its axis when I knocked a girl up.
Not just any girl, but my best friend’s girl.
The best friend who bled out in front of me and whispered his love for her with his last breath.
I didn’t want it. I didn’t want any of it.
Until I did.
My life hasn’t been easy.
It’s always been a struggle to survive.
But I’ll fight until my last breath if it means getting what I want.
I’m just not sure if that’s enough.

The Mute and the Menace

A monster tore our lives apart.
Left us in ruins.
I didn’t think I would survive.
None of us should have survived.
Life as I knew would never be the same, but I had no choice but to embrace it.
Failing isn’t an option when it comes to those I love.
Until I realize there’s a bigger monster lurking in the shadows, ready to tear our happiness and livelihoods into pieces.
I’m plunged into darkness, a living nightmare I can’t escape from.
I survived the first monster with permanent scars that are embedded into my soul.
What will this monster leave me with?
Maybe I won’t survive at all.

She shines like a bright light in my dark life.
She pleads with me to live.
To fight through the chaos that I’m drowning in.
I’m lost in my own silence.
But piece by piece, she drags me out.
She breathes air into my lungs as I slowly come back to life.
Until I blink, and she’s gone.
It’s then that I realize, it’s not the air in my lungs that I need to live.
It’s her.

Lost in the Silence

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