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Reapers and Roses

About Reapers and Roses | Book 1

When my mom told me we were moving to the Grove, I thought it was a joke.
Our family, one of the wealthiest in Woodbury, moving to a dump like the Grove?
Well, I guess that's what happens when you lose everything.
Now we're shoved into the house the size of a shoebox and I can literally feel the darkness seeping in around me.
But then, I meet someone with a darkness that even I can't compete with.
They call him the Reaper.

Darkness has consumed me my entire life. I've known nothing but death and destruction, using my fists to control the beast within me.
Then, after yet another win in the ring,
I find my Rose.
A little ball of light, I think.
But no, her eyes hold the familiar darkness that calls to me.
Alone, I live with my demons.
Together, we will conquer them.
Welcome to hell, baby girl.

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“Omg this book books you in from the first paragraph! Dark, deadly and powerful add hot  chemistry and sexual tension! It will blow you away!”

Amazon Reviewer

“OMG I don't even know where to begin with this book. I thought the writing was riveting and captivating. The characters were well developed and the scenes were great.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Wow this first book was amazing! The more I read the more I couldn’t put it down.”

Amazon Reviewer

“Wow, this hits hard. Well written and flows from one day and one drama to the next. It's a heart breaking page to turn, trigger warning for abuse and sexual assault. Read with caution but definitely read!!!”

I thought I had life figured out.
Until I crashed into the brink of tragedy.
That peak in which you teeter on the line of sanity versus insanity.
The moment where you look forward and see darkness, then look over your shoulder and see more darkness.
Pain is probably down either avenue I choose, but which one will keep me intact?
Which one will make me crumble?
How many times can tragedy happen to a person until they break for good?
One, two, three...

I grew up in darkness.
I thought I knew what It's like to walk through life shrouded in a world without light.
Pain never mattered much, because it's all I've ever known.
She walked into my life like a sharp thorn that I knew would bleed me dry.
I was okay with that, as long it was her that was by my side.
I never realized that the darkness I lived in wasn't dark at all.
I never really knew darkness.
Until tragedy on top of tragedy strikes and I feel like an atomic bomb ready to detonate.
How long will it take?
Three, two, one...


Thorn in the Dark

About Thorn in the Dark | Book 2

What readers are saying about...

Goodreads Reviewer

“My goodness! What an emotional journey! Crushed would be more like it! So much sadness and anxiety! Even though there was a heartbreak, love seemed to be the healing factor! Reading A.R. Breck for the first time was a treat! Fantastic book!."

Goodreads Reviewer

“This book was filled with so much heartache and devastation that I had tears several times while reading. But with all good romance stories love ultimately wins out on the end."

Goodreads Reviewer

“Wow. The emotions in this book just pull you in. A.R. Breck knows when to push it and boy does she push your boundaries. I appreciate an author that portrays a character in an accurate light.”

Goodreads Reviewer

“My heart absolutely broke into pieces reading this book. The writing was simply amazing, so well done, I felt every emotion that Easton and Rose did! The angst throughout and the dialogue was simply brilliant, and yes this is in my top 5 reads of the year!!”
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