The Seven MC


My name is Ivy Davis, and I’m a slave.
A prisoner in my own skin.
Living in a world so thick with uncertainty, so filled with death, I can barely expand my lungs to catch a full breath.
The permanent bruises on my knees are a testimony to the life I live.
Kneeling for the devil who has taken years off my life and the clothes off my back.
The shadow of captivity darkens my soul, to the point where freedom becomes just another storybook ending.
That is, until the day my world erupts, the life I’ve come to know begins to crumble at my feet as Aziel Macklin walks into my life, with eyes that could cut glass and a sneer so lethal, that dormant muscle beneath my breasts thumps for the first time in years.
Aziel Macklin, Vice President to The Seven Motorcycle Club.
The fact that they nickname him the Wrath should frighten me.
It does.
But, when choosing between one devil and the next.
I choose him. 

Chaotic Wrath

About Chaotic Wrath


I’m married to a monster.
But I’m in love with a beast.

For better or for worse, till death do us part…
Those are the vows I’ve promised to uphold.
I’ll stand by those vows, even if it means enduring a living hell filled with abuse and misery.
There’s no escape, and my suffering runs deeper than the scars on my skin.
My torment seems endless, and the depression begins suffocating me like a wool blanket, scratching at the surface and burrowing deep within the fibers of my being.
Until he appears.
My mystery man.
He watches me. Follows me. Stalks me.
He descends beneath my scars and strips the despair from my bones.
With his cruel features and leather cut, my mystery man should scare me.
He comes alive from inflicting pain, from drawing blood, from death.
I should be running away from a man so ruthless, so brutal.
A man who wants to cause pain.
So, why do I end up running towards him?

Reckless Envy
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